Client voices

What sellers say about us

»Mr Semmelrock isn’t just someone who sells properties, creating added value simply by helping them to change hands. He’s a refined character, he cares, he’s friendly, and he has an eye for beauty. He understands how to translate his own appreciation of a property into enthusiasm amongst potential buyers. He does this with such a passion for detail and such a great sense of aesthetics that it led me, as the seller, to see my property in an entirely new way:  as an object of desire. This is Mr Semmelrock’s great talent, and in the end, all of us reap the rewards.«
Fabian N, Berlin, seller of a freehold apartment
»With Semmelrock Immobilienagentur you get the whole feel-good package. I can only the recommend working with them ... The property description alone was incredible – quite apart from the excellent work and the friendly interaction we had. Thanks ever so much for the straightforward and very friendly teamwork!«
Dorén B, Berlin, seller of a detached house
»Semmelrock & Co. sold a property for me. Fantastic support and everything was dealt with extremely well. Wonderful to see that there are still professionals who know how to do a decent job. If it were possible to award a rating of 10 stars, I would be giving it to Semmelrock & Co.«
Hilmar H, Berlin, seller of a house
»Highly recommended! Mr Semmelrock’s team just does a fantastic job. Professional, focussed, and fully committed to the task, Mr Semmelrock sold our property in no time. The presentation of our property and the support and communication provided during the selling process were perfect.«
Michaela and Dirk B, Schöneiche, sellers of a villa
»Mr Semmelrock and his team provide a perfect all-round service. In 2021, I sold a flat in Berlin for an extremely respectable price with the help of Mr Semmelrock, who took me through the entire process himself. He was always ready to listen and always provided expert answers to all the questions which came up. The brochure he produced for the property was also outstanding. Thank you for the wonderful support, and here’s to working on other projects together in the future, perhaps!«
Stefan M, Rangsdorf, seller of a freehold apartment
»It was a refreshing, dynamic, and very professional job on the part of Mr Semmelrock. Working together was a real joy!«
Jessika B, Berlin, seller of an apartment building
»We worked together with Mr Semmelrock and his team intensively over a period of about six months. The preliminary meetings and the involvement of photographers in the preparation of the property description were all of an extremely professional standard and were carried out to our utmost satisfaction. For us, it has always been important to find the right buyer for our very special property, and having Mr Semmelrock involved, with all his experience and expert knowledge, meant that we were far from disappointed. We always felt that we were being provided with excellent advice, and we would not hesitate to recommend Semmelrock Immobilienagentur to others. We would like to express our gratitude to Mr Semmelrock, for his diligence and for his dedication to his work!«
Debora and Marcus A, Müllrose, sellers of a house
»Thank you for the honest, capable, and trustworthy help. I will definitely be recommending you to others in the future.«
Olaf W, Neutrebbin, seller of an estate
»I was very satisfied. Great service, first class!«
Sven K, England, seller of a freehold apartment
»Very competent and professional real estate agency, pleasant communication, and reliable cooperation. We especially liked the creative ideas how to optimize and redesign our apartment to meet the requirements of the next family living there. This was our second project with Semmelrock Immobilienagentur GmbH, and we hope for a next project.«
Marco S, Berlin, seller of a freehold apartment
»Believe me: If you need an estate agent – you need Semmelrock!«
Silvio and Sarka H, Berlin, sellers of a detached house
»Everything went extremely well, from the first listing on the internet to the decision to purchase a sensational 3 days later! Within a fortnight, we were home and dry! I would strongly recommend Semmelrock Immobilienagentur to others.«
Monika B, Austria, seller of a holiday home
»Mr Semmelrock is an estate agent with a heart. He really cares. That’s what really made the whole process of selling such a joy.«
Daniel B, Berlin, asset-manager of an apartment building
»Our property was exceptionally well presented, Mr Semmelrock and his team were always easy to reach, friendly, and extremely competent. I would confidently recommend Semmelrock Immobilienagentur to others!«
Christa and Gerrit H, Großbeeren, sellers of a detached house
»From the very beginning, Semmelrock Immobilienagentur was extremely committed to the task of selling our flat, always available, and full of excellent advice. We benefited enormously from their wealth of experience. We were particularly impressed by the brochure and the property listing which were created for our flat. We greatly appreciated their professional, down-to-earth and honest approach to our shared task. We would not hesitate to recommend this estate agent to others and we’ll be calling on the expertise of Semmelrock Immobilienagentur when it comes to selling our next property.«
Marie and Daniel S, Berlin, sellers of a freehold apartment
»With the help of Semmelrock Immobilienagentur, everything went extremely smoothly. I always felt that I was being well looked after and was entirely satisfied. I wish you all the same level of success in your future work.«
Erika S, Rangsdorf, seller of a detached home
»Many thanks for working with us so conscientiously. The support and advice we were given was professional, enthusiastic and personalised. We greatly appreciated the masterful property description and the professional photographs taken by Mr Semmelrock.«
Alfred S, Brandenburg, seller of a detached house
»The professional approach taken to the brochure, and the punctuality and friendliness of this agency completely won me over. In the end, this was the perfect result and it took very little time. The quality of the collaboration was very good, and the details of those who were interested in our property were passed on promptly. I would certainly come back to this company in the future and recommend them to others.«
Sieglinde M, Berlin, seller of a detached home
»A professional transaction with outstanding service.«
Tobias W, Berlin, seller of an apartment building
»Many thanks for the professional support you provided in selling my house. Thanks to the experience of Mr Semmelrock, the viewing appointments were attended exclusively by potential buyers, which made it possible for the deed of sale to be signed within 2 months.«
Carsten S, Berlin, seller of a detached house
»Reliable, extremely competent, always available and, best of all, quick to sell the property – excellent!!!«
Gabriele M, NRW, seller of a holiday home
»Very professional. Everything specified was quickly taken on board and put into action in a targeted manner.«
Christian R, Berlin, seller of a freehold apartment
»From the very beginning, we received professional and reliable support in selling our house! Thanks again! Fantastic work!«
The R family, Berlin, sellers of a detached house
»Working together with the Semmelrock team was an exceptional experience. The presentation of our property on the market was not to be outdone – absolutely top notch. The number 1 estate agent, as far as we’re concerned. Once again, thanks very much.«
The B family, Wandlitz, sellers of a detached house
»The highest standards of service and quality. I have rarely experienced such a level of transparency and competence in communication. The advice I was given was solid and honest. Time was taken for design and planning, with specialists doing their jobs and bringing out the best in everything! Thank you for all of this!«
Sandra B, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, seller of a group of buildings
»The job was done in an extremely professional manner!«
Georg P, Berlin, seller of a freehold apartment
»An extremely competent, very professional performance, yet with restraint being shown at those moments when it was appropriate – a characteristic which really sets them apart from the competition. Rather than sticking to well-worn paths, they seek out alternatives.«
Roman B, seller
»All in all, an extremely good collaboration with professional property specialists. I will be coming back to Semmelrock Immobilienagentur to work with them on other projects!«
Volker T, seller
»Dear Mr Semmelrock, we feel compelled to write to you just to say that we were extremely impressed by the professional approach you took to selling our property. In terms of both time and how things went, the process was simply superb. It’s impossible to imagine that anybody could have done a better job than you in terms of presentation, both written and visual. We look forward to coming back to you in the future and we would not hesitate to recommend you to others. Once again, thanks very much indeed!«
Michaela B, seller
»Extremely good professional advice and support.«
Frank P, seller
»Double thumbs up!«
Jewgenia R, seller
»I'd do this again any time!!! Very nice, helpful and competent. Always available and friendly.«
Karina I, seller
»Very capable, reliable, fast, and friendly – I'd do it again any time«
Jörg P, seller

What buyers say about us

»We had the good fortune of ending up in the capable hands of Mr Semmelrock, and we are very glad we did. Whatever issues we had, everything had always been dealt with by the end of the day. Answering questions, organising documents – just everything. I work in the service sector myself, and I know how enormously important it is for everything to work. And here, everything was just right.«
Stephan M, Berlin, buyer of an apartment
»I had an excellent experience working with Mr Semmelrock and his team. He always responded to me quickly and gave thorough answers to my questions. His commitment to fairness and transparency was very reassuring. Despite some complications on my end, the process was extremely smooth. Highly recommend!«
Cheryl S, Berlin, buyer of a freehold flat
»Even though we haven’t yet bought anything, it has been wonderful working together with Mr Semmelrock and his colleague. We have been provided with excellent advice in response to all of our questions and our concerns have always been met with sympathy and understanding. I look forward to continuing to work together with them, and to successfully concluding the acquisition of a property.«
Caterina A, Berlin, prospective buyer
»We have managed to buy a fantastic apartment in Pankow. Mr Semmelrock is a very competent, likable estate agent. Even when things got a bit complicated (nothing to do with Mr Semmelrock), he successfully guided us through this phase with his characteristic calm. Mr Semmelrock was always professional and sincere. He supported us when we came up with additional questions and ideas, and he was bursting with creative ideas himself. We would absolutely recommend his services to others.«
Dr Jürgen M, Berlin, buyer of a freehold flat
»I cannot thank Mr Semmelrock enough! We have spent a few years in a search and this was the best experience. Clear and honest communication, transparency throughout the whole process.«
Roman I, Berlin, buyer of an apartment
»Extremely professional, communicative, competent, friendly, always easy to reach and ready with answers, solutions-focussed, stylish, discreet, and the absolute opposite of the stereotypical estate agent – that’s how I would describe Immobilienagentur Semmelrock and its owner. In this case, I was the buyer, but I would not hesitate to use their services if I decided to sell this property – or any other. Five stars. Triple A.«
Dr C T, Berlin, buyer of a detached house
»It was a pleasure working with Mr Semmelrock – he was always very responsive and ready to help throughout the purchase process. He is by far the best real estate agent we’ve worked with in our long search for the apartment. So we will definitely come back to him once we need a real estate agent.«
Tatiana M, Berlin, buyer of an apartment
»Excellent communication and a superb go-between for all involved.«
Jens D, Berlin, buyer of an apartment building
»Fantastic property description, pleasant interaction, excellent implementation. Thanks very much. We’ll be recommending you to others.«
Kirsten W, Berlin, buyer of a freehold apartment
»After an extensive search, the estate agent found us precisely the kind of apartment we were looking for. The team has a good sense for what their clients need and they gave us expert advice.«
The B family, Berlin, buyers of a freehold apartment
»Through my work as a lawyer and tax expert, I have met all sorts of estate agents. Mr Semmelrock deserves the category of 5 stars plus, if there is such a thing. Mr Semmelrock is extremely enthusiastic, very obliging, professional, and level-headed. He helped me to get out of a very difficult situation. I was on the verge of concluding a contract with another seller, but for a property which really did not entirely meet my requirements. In the context of this time pressure, Mr Semmelrock organised a viewing appointment with the owner within 24 hours, even though it was the weekend of Pentecost. Just one week later, the contract was signed, incorporating the changes I wanted. I can heartily recommend the services of Bernhard Semmelrock. I wish him every success, and have no doubt that this is precisely what the future holds for him.«
Bernd G, Berlin, buyer