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How some skilful home staging resulted in the perfect sale of a luxury property

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In the historic complex of buildings which used to be the Garbáty cigarette factory, a spacious loft flat with three balconies and a parking space is for sale. For this stylish and luxuriously furnished apartment, fully renovated in 2012, the right buyers need to be found, and it’s going to have to be a targeted process.

The owner, Fabian N, is looking for an estate agent who appreciates the value of the property, and who knows how to put its special qualities in the best possible light. It doesn’t take long for him to realise that Semmelrock Immobilienagentur is the best possible partner for this job. In order to present the advantages and the character of the flat as attractively as possible, we organise a home staging. Our interior design team prepares the apartment for the photoshoot and the viewings which will follow, further enhancing the interior with stylish furniture and decorative features.

Die Nachmittagssonne fällt durch teilweise bodentiefe Fenster in Salon ...
»Working together with Mr Semmelrock was very much worth it and really helped me to let go of the flat. The loft is full of so many special details, and Mr Semmelrock saw them all straight away and presented all of it to perfection. The offer we accepted made it possible for me and this extraordinary property to go our separate ways. «
Fabian N.

When designing and furnishing the interior, Fabian paid close attention to the play of light within the loft. His idea was to make sure that the rooms further towards the back of the flat were also bright and well lit, and partly glazed walls, open spaces, and generous suites were incorporated in order to achieve this ideal. The brochure we produced, with a redrawn floor plan, a skilfully written property description and appealing photographs, captures the extraordinary brightness of the rooms and all of the wonderful details, producing a very immediate, tangible impression of the atmosphere of the apartment and rendering it emotionally compelling. At the same time, we explore the archive of building records and obtain all of the documents needed in order to carry out the sale.

By mid-November, we have started marketing the property, presenting the loft apartment online and simultaneously making targeted contact with potential buyers by checking our database for those who fit the buyer profile we have generated. We ensure a level of visibility far above the norm and numerous potential buyers quickly get into contact with us: our enthusiasm for the property is clearly contagious. During the entire marketing process, we are in close and confidential contact with Fabian N, keeping him abreast of important developments.

The uniqueness and the extraordinary quality of the flat quickly win over a buyer from Berlin, who reserves the property a mere three weeks after it appeared on the market. After three more weeks of our expert help, all the formalities are out of the way, meaning that the notarisation of the sale can take place at the end of December. By New Years’ Day, the dream property in the former Garbáty cigarette factory has found some new owners.

»Selling a flat with Mr Semmelrock’s help is simply a joy. He is a man of great refinement, and rather than simply focussing on selling the property, he puts substantial effort into presenting it in the best possible light. He is sensitive to the feelings of his clients – the sellers – just as much as he is to those of the buyers. He’s the perfect go-between. This is something which ends up being of great advantage to everyone involved – in the end, everyone is happy. «
Fabian N.


Property type
Luxury loft apartment in former cigarette factory
Client preference
Obtaining a good price
Preferred period of sale
Up to six months
Sold in
42 days

The property sold

Großzügiges, sonniges Luxus-Fabrik-Loft mit drei Balkonen
Das Filetstück in der 2011/12 komplett sanierten ehemaligen Garbáty-Zigarettenfabrik Das Schlafzimmer mit Balkon
Large luxury industrial loft with lift, 3 balconies and parking near Pankow S-Bahn station
Living area
157.62 m²
Das Filetstück in der 2011/12 komplett sanierten ehemaligen Garbáty-Zigarettenfabrik Das Schlafzimmer mit Balkon

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