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How our winning team marketed this luxurious city villa in Schöneiche with pinpoint accuracy and the advantage of trust.

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The B family created their dream home when they built a city villa in Schöneiche. Now they feel the call of the sea. Moving to the German coast is the fulfilment of the dream of a lifetime, and they are looking for a new owner for their high quality, lovingly crafted home.

The family happens to come across us and they think we might be the right estate agents to take on the task of finding a buyer for their very modern home on the outskirts of Berlin. During our first meeting, the B’s are impressed by our carefully reasoned property valuation and are very enthusiastic about the brochures we show them for other properties we have sold. It quickly becomes clear that the family not only values our expertise, but that they also feel that they can trust us. The positive feelings are mutual and the whole team immediately sets about the task of marketing the property.

»Your brochures just spoke for themselves. In terms of quality, what you do is simply on an entirely different planet in comparison with what other estate agents can offer. «
Michaela and Dirk B

The confident style and creative signature of Mrs B can be seen everywhere in the interior of this two-floor building and its beautiful south-facing garden. This is something we can really take advantage of when it comes to showing off the character and the potential of the villa, allowing us to present the property in the best possible light in the brochure. Over the course of two separate shoots – one for interior shots and one for outside – we manage to capture the distinctive character of the property perfectly. The lighting is just right and the handsome property comes out wonderfully well in the professional photos.

Our writer provides a very precise property description, allowing us to quickly get on with sending the layout off to be printed as a high-gloss brochure. Whilst we busy ourselves in the back office, getting hold of the documents needed in order to carry out the sale and communicating with service providers and the authorities, the selling process has already begun.

»Trust, speed, reachability – we’re happy with everything. The nice thing is, your hearts are clearly in it and you genuinely enjoy the work you do. We would always choose to come back to you. Selling a house is a matter of trust! «
Michaela and Dirk B

We keep our database updated on an ongoing basis, and this gives us the comprehensive search profiles of potential buyers. The approach we take is targeted, probing the database for those for whom this little paradise, with its bright rooms, exquisite interior, garden, pool, and infra-red sauna, would be the perfect fit. In November and December, we send the brochure to 47 potential buyers, some of whom we were able to accurately target using our database, and some of whom responded to the advertisements we placed on the various internet portals. The great care we have taken in focussing on targeted groups of buyers pays off: just 10 viewing appointments result from the enquiries, of which one ends up being the buyer.

»Can only recommend! We felt extremely well looked-after from the very beginning. Mr Semmelrock’s team just does a fantastic job. Professional, focussed and entirely committed, Mr Semmelrock sold our property in no time. The way our property was presented, the support we were given, and the communication relating to the sale – all of it was perfect. We will definitely be recommending you to others. Once again, our very sincere thanks to Mr Semmelrock and his team!«
Michaela and Dirk B

In the last few days of the year, just before New Year’s Eve, a potential buyer contacts us – someone who is entirely won over by the value of the property and its very distinctive character. Straightaway, a viewing appointment is set up for the beginning of the new year and, just a few days later, the house is reserved. For one young family from the trendy neighbourhood of Prenzlauer Berg, the villa in Schöneiche is the new home they have been looking for. Thanks to the help and the deft negotiation skills of their perceptive go-between, the seller and the buyer quickly reach an agreement and meet at the end of February to have the sale notarised.


Property type
Detached house with annexe or business premises/office
Client preference
Property should end up in good hands
Sold in
3 months
Young family from Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

The property sold

Villa mit Sonnengarten
Viel Raum für Entspannung in natürlicher Umgebung Blick ins großzügige Wohnzimmer
Luxury city villa with large sunny garden and swimming pool in Schöneiche, near Berlin
Living area
186.00 m²
Viel Raum für Entspannung in natürlicher Umgebung Blick ins großzügige Wohnzimmer

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