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How we found the right buyer for this gem of a timber-framed house in the south of Berlin

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At some point over the coming half year, Christa H and her son Gerrit would like to move abroad. They would therefore like to sell their timber-framed house, which they built themselves 20 years ago.

When we first meet in October, we are delighted to see the traditional craftsmanship which characterises the house. At the same time, the sellers clearly appreciate and value the work that we do, and there is a mutual sense of trust.

»The way our property was presented was exceptional. Mr Semmelrock and his team were always easy to reach, friendly, and extremely competent. I would definitely recommend Semmelrock Immobilienagentur to others!«
Christa H

At this stage, the owners have already spoken to a number of estate agents, and they decide to commission us to sell their home. Rather than rushing to find a buyer as soon as possible, their aim is to make sure that this wonderful house, which is bound up with so many beautiful memories, ends up in the right hands at some point during the next half year.

In terms of the target group, we put our focus on families with young children. The aim is to bring the above-average asking price into harmony with the search profiles of potential buyers. We will achieve this by making sure that potential buyers will see and experience the high-quality workmanship, the superb indoor environment, and the high aesthetic standards which this timber-framed building embodies.

A few days later, we make full use of the wonderful autumn weather to carry out an atmospheric photoshoot, making sure that we do full justice to the special character of the property. At the same time, we get all the floor plans redrawn and prepare all the documents for the marketing phase.

Ten days later, the layout of our 24-page sales brochure is ready, complete with a comprehensive set of pictures and a written description of the property. Initially, it comes in a digital format, and we also get a high-gloss hard copy back from the printers later on.

All told, we offer this timber framed building to 167 potential buyers, around half of whom are in our database, and half of whom found it on the internet. In February, after a total of 19 viewings, we find the right buyers: a young family with small children. Notarisation takes place in April, and the house is handed over to its new owners in May.


Property type
Detached house
Client preference
Property should end up in good hands
Sold in
4 months and 23 days
Young family

The property sold

Ökologisches Fachwerkhaus mit herausragendem Wohnklima
Geschützte Terrasse zum Garten Hohe Massivholzbalkendecken für erstklassiges Wohngefühl
Idyllic timber-framed house with sunny garden close to the edge of Berlin
Living area
137.47 m²
Geschützte Terrasse zum Garten Hohe Massivholzbalkendecken für erstklassiges Wohngefühl

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