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How it only took us 30 days to transform these prospective buyers into the happy owners of a loft suite in Pankow

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In the north of Berlin, a loft-style dream flat with some very special history was waiting for some new owners. On behalf of the then owner of the flat, we showed off the very best features of the property in Schlosspark Schönhausen, artfully positioning stylish furniture and attractive details.

The children of Juliane S und Stephan M have just flown the nest, leaving their childhood home to forge ahead on their own paths. For their parents, it is clear that it’s now time to start hunting for a new flat. Their first glimpse of this property in Pankow on an online property portal grabbed them straight away. It was the 60 m² of glazed frontage which first caught their attention, and Juliane & Stephan requested the brochure we had produced for marketing purposes.

It is a loft-like flat with a living area of almost 50 m², parquet floors and an interior characterised by the use of high-quality materials. Both in order to show off the very homely ambience of this space and in order to emphasise the extraordinary quality and character of this very special property, we decided to opt for a richly detailed home staging. In preparation for both the photoshoot and for viewings by prospective buyers, our interior design team set the stage with furniture and accessories, adopting a confident style which harmonises with the apartment as a whole.

At the end of July, Juliane and Stephan get into contact with us, and just four days later they step into the bright apartment near Schloss Schönhausen to view the property for themselves. This is the first flat they have viewed, and they are immediately enthusiastic.

»What really won us over was the incredible way the apartment had been furnished. The presentation was simply perfect. You gave potential buyers a really good idea of what could be done with the apartment. It didn’t take long for us to realise that this just had to be ours. «
Stephan M

They quickly realise that they won’t be needing to attend any more viewings. They have found their dream home. The abundant indoor light, the proximity to the park, the modern facilities and the natural feeling of the interior wood all win Juliane and Stephan over. Both come from Pankow, and the building, a former state guest house belonging to the government of the GDR, is one whose history is familiar to them both. It takes them next to no time to decide that they most certainly want to buy the property, and just a week later, an appointment with the notary has been set up. Now it’s our job to gather together all the documents required for the sale to be notarised as well as any remaining information which the buyers have yet to see.

Well in advance, we have already obtained all the documents needed from the property management and the administrative offices for the sale of the property. Just as with the property owner, our interactions with the prospective buyers are characterised by trust, friendliness and sympathy. We mediate the entire process of the sale and regard it as extremely important to deal with all questions and concerns promptly.

Urban leben im historischen Gästehaus, umgeben von viel Grün und mit hohem Komfort
»Bernhard Semmelrock and his team are passionate about the service they provide. Their approach, their speed, their talent for breathing life into a room, and their knack for timing mean they are absolutely the people to work with! Thank you! «
Juliane S

Still on holiday, the owner is pleasantly surprised by the lightning speed with which the buyers make their decision, and is delighted that her beautiful apartment has found new owners  – a couple who truly appreciate the qualities and the value of the property. A mere four weeks after their viewing appointment, Juliane and Stephan are now the owners of this dream home of theirs, and they can hardly believe their luck.


Property type
Loft-style owner-occupied flatg
Client preference
Obtaining a good price
Preferred period of sale
Six months
Prospective buyers
Sold in
90 days
Professional couple from Pankow

The property sold

Top-sanierte Suite mit Loft-Charakter im Schlosspark Schönhausen
Ob offene Küche oder Wohnbereich - Die Terrasse im Privatgarten mit eigenem Zugang zum Schlossgarten
Superbly renovated suite with loft ambience, outdoor seating, garden patio und underground parking
Living area
139.97 m²
Ob offene Küche oder Wohnbereich - Die Terrasse im Privatgarten mit eigenem Zugang zum Schlossgarten

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